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One thing that sets us apart from our competition  is that we have been a welding & fabrication shop from the very start. We know welding & metal fabrication!!! The reason we jumped into this market was that we loved 4wd's, and we were sure that we would be able to build the products to super quality standards, and beat the existing major competitors prices & service. We do not farm out our designs to be built at cheap low cost labor shops like some competitors do. If you want a set of rock sliders that have been hand crafted by a serious professional who really truly cares about his customers, then you have come to the right place!

-Richard Stubbs

Established in 1998, Stubbs Welding is a privately owned family business based in Susanville, California.  We started as welding job shop specializing in mobile repair & fabrication, in house fabrication services, along with automotive specialty services such as full body off restorations & full blown one off custom jobs. During the years 98-02 we did jobs for companies such as Enron, HL Chapman Pipeline Construction (the worlds largest company of its type), and California Vegetable Specialties (also a leader in it's industry).   Starting in January of 2003 we changed our name to and have moved on to sell our products solely through the internet.  Our focus without question is on our internet customers, and products.


We appreciate all feedback.  Both e-mails and phone calls will be returned by Richard himself.

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